Spirit of a slave

Captivity, and slavery of so many kinds
From Egypt, the Jews, and African Americans, you will find
A spiritual connection, as we all are slaves, keep in mind
A slave to sin though different, I must remind
Bondage, strong holds, we all know to well
For each of us, there is a story to tell
It took the Israelite’s 40 years to let go of Egypt
A slave to it’s master, accustomed one becomes
Comfortable a prisoner, finally he runs
Once freed, struggle he does
Learning to walk again, because
The inner damage has been done
Though free, a prisoner still inside
A breaking, a newness, he must find
Healing needed or worse He will be inclined
Every now and then, a slave in Egypt would find favor
Put in charge over the other slaves, power he would savor
Even worse then the soldiers, to the slaves he would be
Years of abuse, would come out you see
Find freedom from the spirit of a slave
Do not stay a prisoner to your grave
If you seek true freedom, you must fight
Seek truth and you might, find true freedom, in Christ