logoI did not expect this post. This will be my first post without an inspirational poem and picture. With this many already following this post I want to make a promise. We are about to take a wonderful journey together. The Lord has put it on my heart to write this post. You are the light of His purpose and world. We all have a purpose in Him. What my prayer is on our journey together and what the Lord has put on my heart is this, We are going to catch ablaze! Some of you are already anointed and full of His spirit. Some of you are still seeking and yet some are waiting to catch blaze. With the anointing God  has given me  to inspire and provoke His spirit in you and the prayer that Is involved in the ministry and It’s future has you in mind.

My heart has always been to help others hear from God. Planting His seeds and having confidence He will water. The years I was an Evangelist preacher I combined the insight of the spirit guided poetry into the preaching. Great things took place during those seven years and as I share my testimony with you it is for one reason and one reason only and that is Gods reason! The poetry is deep and will challenge you to go deep, for God is deep, a deep ocean of love and mercy.

We are going to see a move of God together In your ministry and mine and the ministries about to begin.  A fire has been started, visions have been given and His spirit is on the move. I am encouraged of the move of God I see. The boldness of spirit, the heart for the lost and the courage’s people who are going to rise up in the name of the Lord to serve His truth and purposes.

There are way to many messages for me to reply to, so forgive me If I do not respond. I am smiling and praying for you all. I imagine your gifting and the gifting to come as we join together for one purpose to worship our savior. To grow together and to share our gifts. We walk in faith, I don’t have all the reasons for the direction God is leading me. I am stepping out in faith and am trusting you are doing the same or  are about to. Listen to your heart and be open to his spirit and voice because we are entering an incredible time together. Please pray for me as I will continue to pray for you.  May the Lord bless you!



heavens dove takes flight_edited-3This was my first picture I took when I began this project www.fullofrosesinspirationals.com I already shared with you the story and the poem Royalty. Heaven’s Dove was the first in the series to have an object show up in only one picture after taking several. I never saw the Dove until I went through the pictures later. I knew God had placed it their as encouragement to me, I was doing His will by taking on this project. Having It happen twice was even more reassurance  God was involved in the project. The great thing about it is this, I can take me out of the equation. God is the photographer not me! I am just His willing vessel to accomplish His desired work. It is always a blessing to know you are doing the will of the father and  see His fingerprints along the journey. Which brings me to my next post you will have to wait for called, a Glimpse Of Your Glory.  I don’t always write the poems to the pictures. Many times they are at first separate then He leads me to put them together as if they were one big puzzle.  Until my next post I hope your heart is filled with the warmth of His desire. 🙂