I wonder If I could hold every thought captive
The potential I would have
Every thought that works to tear me down
Held captive, how high, I would be lifted up
Every thought of bitterness and spite
I just might show others, Gods amazing grace
I wonder if I wouldn’t focus so much on myself
Not a trace, rather focus on lifting others up
I wonder If I would break the curse
Not only for me but for you
How free we would be, made new
I wonder if everyday, I fought my sin
How much change would begin
Is it possible to be changed, and if I was
Would my life be rearranged
For something more, what would God have instore
I wonder

3 thoughts on “I WONDER

  1. i heard something yesterday, that Humility is defined as thinking about ourselves less, in other words, selfless, which harkens to Authenticity. i feel our yearning is to return to this Uncompromising Condition, State, Way Of Being. thank you for sharing your poetry seeking after Authenticity, Vulnerability, Realness.

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