Through my father's eyes_edited-2Sometimes in life I can get caught up in the stress and worry of situations that arise. Somehow God has been put to the side because I allow my situations to be my focus. I guess it is easy for us all to do this. It seems just when I think my faith has grown, I’m faced with something to test it. I don’t know about you, but I have come to realize right before a major break through in my walk with God, I am shown how weak and in need I am for God.

I think because of the many years of very difficult things I have walked through, I have found the spirit of King David in the way I face my giants. The devil is a liar and everytime difficult things come, he is right there tempting me to fear and doubt what I know to be true.

The devil wants to show us every sin, right when we begin to take hold of truth. Faith is strength!!!!! Doubt is weakness!!!!! I believe this is why God says He came to make the weak strong!!!! He did this by building the bridge of grace for our sin, so that we could cross it and believe!!! How often do you question Gods love for you? If you are truly forgiven? If what you are going through is because God is angry with you? I have something to tell you, you are amazing!!!!! You, because you believe, you are Gods champion!!! As soon as you believe this and hold onto this truth never letting go, as if you are holding onto it for your life. You see the devil is the tornado, and God is the tree of life you are holding onto. As long as you do not let go, you win!!!! Now maybe I have taken you to the depth of this poem and you too can look at life through your fathers eyes!!

I am blessed and full of love in my heart as the spirit of joy touches my heart about you!!!! You see just as he guides my words to you, he kisses your heart!! His word says righteousness and peace have kissed!!!!

Psalm 85

New King James Version (NKJV)

10 Mercy and truth have met together;
Righteousness and peace have kissed.
11 Truth shall spring out of the earth,
And righteousness shall look down from heaven.
12 Yes, the Lord will give what is good;
And our land will yield its increase.
13 Righteousness will go before Him,
And shall make His footsteps our pathway.

God bless you and may your heart open to His spirit.

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  1. that’s great; keep fighting those giants like David. (Grab your stones and go face that giant!)
    I’m sorry but I started to write that and then realized that it could have another meaning for us guys. Since we’re all adults here I decided to leave it. It’s also like we are encouraged to do…gird up your loins and put on the whole armor of God.
    I hope I wasn’t too vulgar for some.

    Blessings to you in your battle against the giants

    • Ha lol that’s the great thing about blogging! Your allowed to get excited and speak your mind! Looking at life through Christ eyes. He only wants us to believe through him we are forgiven, through him we can do all things. He never said it was easy but He did say speak to the dead bones and make them live!

  2. In faith, I dumped all of my troubles in the lap of Jesus, He is my strength now. As long as I continue to have faith, he is left in charge of every single aspect of my life, joy and burdens alike. I remain relieved that I do not have to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, doubt, being hurt, or despair. Thankfully the Lord has taken all of that, and my burdens are no more. The highest aspect of that submittal was forgiveness of self; since I couldn’t do it, I left Him too. Daily, I pray, “Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in you.” What I am referring to there foremost is forgiveness, protection, and nourishment.
    I loved your entry Through My Father’s Eyes, and only wrote this to back up your points.

  3. A test of faith it is. My true feelings are when a test comes my way, it is because in one way or another I am slipping away and thinking I can handle a big challenge with out the help of God and this test is put in front of me to prove that with out God I maybe able to face it, and say I can handle it, but with this attitude to accomplish it isn’t going to happen with out the help of the Almighty God Himself. Lest alerting me that I have fallen and need to be picked up, so with my arm out stretched, He is there to lift me back up and say now what can I help you with.

    • Yes, trying to do it in our own strength only compiles the problem! We have a wonderful God who has already accomplished it all! All we have to do is believe!!! Trust!!!!! Walk in such a way that express our belief and trust. Things are never as they seem. Use Gods word to see through the lies and the giants won’t be able to stop you! Break through is coming, BELIEVE!

  4. hello, my first tym of reading your blog and i am totally aawed. its sooo refreshing to see that there are pple who still understand. the devil is indeed a liar and i know who i am by what God says i am.

    • If you understood what you read you would be happy. Jesus says if you seek you will find. Knock and the door will be open to you. Friend instead of fighting against Him. Seek and the scriptures you think you understand will open to you. There is favor and blessing waiting for you. If your angry at God He understands I can tell you the truth he loves you! God bless

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