I’m asleep, I awake
I cannot mistake the sounds that I hear
The earth shakes, the ground quakes
There’s a rumbling, I’m in fear
The lights are out, I want to shout
What is happening here
I’m in need, I want to know
But I cannot show my inner weakness
I see flashes of light
There are sounds of thundering roars
I gather my strength and run for the door
I speed down the stairs, I run outside
I am caught by surprise, as I’m drawn to the sky
What a glorious sight, I gasp and sigh
Bright light pronouncing then fading to both sides
Treasures of color, I can’t believe my eyes
My spirit filled like never before
Overflowing your presence, I wanted to implore
But I was taken by the white horse
Sounds of people with deep remorse
Your sword carried a blinding tip
Suddenly I began to lift
And rise, my body soaring upward into the skies
The incredible joy I felt inside
I gazed upon you, the lover of my soul
I was so captivated I nearly missed
The millions reaching for the goal
The victor’s prize, it was you Jesus Christ

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