In the garden stood a tree
This tree held the power
Of both good and evil
He warned! “Do not eat of this tree”
To protect and keep us from evil
Only He was perfect enough
Wise enough, to tame it’s power
The power to destroy
Or wield it’s power to bless
Yet one so deceiving erect
From the shadows, A serpent targeting the elect
Distorting a symbol of purity
To highlight, focus only it’s dark side
To mislead, redirect holiness
To it’s counter, impurities
Trying to claim it’s greater power
His adulterous ways
And now the symbol of promise
The rainbow, a symbol of Gods presence
Now lights our White House
To mock the Heavens’ of it’s holiest
Covenant, marriage
You have been given a choice
Choose as you will
Good or evil
If you choose evil
You are still welcome in Gods house for a time
Church is a place for sinners
To find truth, mercy and forgiveness
We all are sinners, but we do not go to church to sin
But recognize our sin, seeking forgiveness
So we Christians welcome everyone and their sin
Though we also carry with us, a warning given to us
Good and evil
In the garden was that tree
We as Christians understand the consequences of eating it’s fruit
I believe there was also a Rainbow of promise
Over the tree in the garden
A rainbow of Gods promise, regarding evil and forgiveness
But now that rainbow has been mocked
waving it’s colors to the heavens’
As to say we choose evil
So take that God
Remember the last time we ate the fruit
What happened?
Christians now is the time to pray
Care for the lost
Welcome sinners, but do not adopt their ways
Re-claim the rainbow and it’s covenant of promise
The rainbow over the tree


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