Beneath your outer person is a jewel needing to be revealed
A glorious stone yet to be polished
A priceless pearl
When brought to the light of its true color
A rare diamond full of riches within
A glory only light can reveal
Deep within its prison, guarded by walls of many kinds
Is an endless treasure to be found
Though deep within your walls
Having not the key, lays undiscovered
The night watchman shines his lantern upon the deep darkness
There high above the heart of the cave
The treasure breaking through with the slightest sparkle
The night watchman drawn to its powerful glare
Removes the muck with a gentle touch of his hands
Once undiscovered now a treasure indeed
He works against the rigid walls
Taking careful measure not to harm this jewel
Clearing away all darkness revealing the heart of the stone
Now blinded by the glory of the stone he turns his lantern down
This beautiful stone now carries its own light
A light of his glory once undiscovered

2 Corinthians 4:7

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