Breakable is the new heart
I have given you
Transparent, heavens
See-through clay
A mixture of clay, and sand
Not one made the same
If you let me, I will give color to array
My Glory transferred to you
Transformed and given Identity
Your true calling
Your true purpose
Like a fire in the furnace
of true love
You must believe
To retrieve, what has been lost
This world has a glass wall
Only your heart can pass through
By the power of truth placed in it
On the other side, I am waiting
Giving glory, power and sight
To the precious heart I’ve given you
In it’s completion turned to crystal
A glass heart

The Cinderella story, fairy tails, are an interesting part of this life! Why do they exist? stories of triumph, Stories with a glorious ending, happy endings, villains, hero’s! Evil vs good, don’t they always leave you feeling good inside. Do you think there is a reason? Some think Jesus Christ is a fairy tail, but the truth is He turns fantasy into reality in our lives. As the prince He is, He is not looking for a glass slipper, He is looking for glass hearts that are breakable, transparent, vulnerable, able to mold, shape and pour Himself into.

It is the greatest story ever told and it is a true story with demons, devils, angels, kings, and hero’s! You are part of the incredible story. You get to fight demons, resist devils, empower, anoint, overtake giants, go from slavery to concur lands, from rags to riches, sickness to health, leading battles, casting out spirits, wearing armor, carrying your sword to victory. You have been given a priceless possession that holds the power to victory “a glass heart”! It is priceless and holds the answers to your victory! It’s control must be given over to the king and He must be trusted with it. To break it, if He so chooses. To shape it, form it, mold it into Him, so His power will flow through you into victory!

You are in charge of giving His glass hearts away, protecting His glass hearts, teaching armies how to render the glass hearts power to the King. So that an army of Christians with glass hearts will be turned to powerful colorful crystal hearts, once your hearts turns to crystal you have entered Heaven and your fairy tail of truth truly begins!!!

3 thoughts on “GLASS HEART

  1. Lovely poetry; we must remember that glass is hard and He does not want us to have hard hearts (Hebrews 3 vv 7-8); rather we must soften our hearts, as you describe so we can become like Him (1 Nephi 2 v16).

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