This poem has a very special meaning to me. I was at work inside a room by myself one morning when the
Lord asked me,” Ken how would you feel If I took your son ?” I was taken back by the question. The first thing I thought about was Abraham and Isaac in Genesis chapter 22 when God tested Abraham. My son was sick the night before and I was worried about him. So I was concerned at first but then I realized how the spirit moves me to write. I picked up a pad of paper and began to write a letter to my son as if I had lost him. Just the thought broke me down into tears. I began crying very heavy and had to stop writing. I gathered myself and began writing again when the Lord put on my heart so many people who had lost someone whom they loved so deeply. I couldn’t contain myself I broke down again. what I was experiencing was definitely from God because I felt His heart towards those who have lost someone they loved. I cried for a good ten minutes before I could finish writing.

I realized the reason God had me write this. I realized why he made it personal. many people lose loved ones everyday and I believe those who don’t know Christ don’t know the promise of the reunion we will have with those we love and get separated from in this life. Even believers forget or don’t really connect with the fact that it is a temporary separation. Those we lose that have been saved are in Glory. In the short time we are in this world those who leave will be waiting at the gate of glory when we leave this world. This is such a wonderful truth. Here is the poem.


Are you there? Can you hear me?
I miss you so much, can’t you see?
I never imagined life without you
the need, to see you again
I am daily reminded of the precious gift you are
Every night I look for your star, I’m sure you’re
the brightest one. I know your standing in His glory
I’m sure it will be quite the story
when I come to join you. Is it true
are the streets golden and the skies marble blue?
He must be magnificent, His love intense
I can’t wait to reminisce, of all your days with Him
Hug Him for me, and tell Him I understand why He
called for you. I would have too!

Psalm 116:15

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5 thoughts on “I WOULD HAVE TOO

  1. OH- Thanks for this post! I am in difficult situation at the moment and although it isn’t the same not even close to what you are in right now.I felt that just like what you said, many people lose loved ones everyday – and it’s much more to bear than just my complain about my work (workmates to be specific). On the early stage of my journey with God, I was filled with the Lord’s presence and I then thought that things from then on will be easier to handle because I comprehend enough what God did for me. And now, that I’m on a difficult situation I don’t seem to stand on what I said anymore. Until this post, it helped me realized that I will soon get over with it if not very soon, atleast the day will come. So thank you and thanks for the dropping by to my post – i’m sorry that it was a rant (again) what you read. Thanks Sir!

  2. Ken – This was one great post. It was outstanding. The poem is beautiful. I am very grateful you shared this with us. 🙂 It is a tough concept for a lot of people to understand we WILL see our loved ones again when we graduate from this educational institution we all call Life. That is what life is, right? It’s about experiences, meeting new people, and learning ALL the time along the way. Thank you again for sharing. It was a great start to my Monday.

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